The Loft, useful information for your stay

Some information that you need to know during your stay at The Loft and some that you'll just find useful. If you have received a link to this page as part of a booking, please read this entire blog post.

If you have booked a stay in The Loft and haven’t already done so do let us know your arrival time. You can send a text to us on the day with your ETA to 07725403070. Please also let us the know the registration of any vehicles you will be bringing with you.

Do watch out latest video of the Loft here showing the inside and it's features

The Wifi password for the Loft is:



Please use the postcode DE13 9QT to find us and you can find full written directions on our website here Please note most sat nav systems take you to the centre of our postcode which is about a 1/4 mile down the road from us. The written directions on the website give full detail on how to find us.

On arrival in the car park please park to the right over looking the church and text the above number to let us know you have arrived.

We operate self checkin for The Loft so do please read the following carefully and if you have any questions do let us know before your stay as it is possible we will not be onsite when you arrive.

Checkin is anytime from 4pm -10pm. We do not accept any check ins after 10pm, so please do arrange to collect your key earlier in the day if you have an event or other plans for the evening meaning you may arrive after this time.

Once you have parked up please turn and face the main farmhouse. You will see a double gate that links it to a smaller building the same colours as the house this smaller building is our shower and toilet block and you will see signs on the smaller right hand building pointing you to the loft, yurts, showers and toilets.

To access the loft you need to follow the arrow to the loft and go through the double gates mentioned above. Cross the courtyard diagonally over to another single gate. On the way to this gate you will pass another door into the back of the shower and toilet block building on your right- this is our washing up area, where you can also access drinking water.

Go through the single gate. The door to The Loft is immediately on your left.

Should you have any trouble finding The Loft or aren’t sure then do give us a call on the above number.

Contacting us during your stay

The Loft Is self-catering but we do offer a number of extras that you can add to your stay, some of which we do need advance notice for. We have a new wine list which can be found in the basket in your kitchen, and if you wish to order any extras then please text 07725403070. Please place orders before 3pm and we will ensure they are delivered to you before 6pm, for later orders we will do our best to get them to you but cannot guarantee we will be able to fulfil them. The phone is not manned outside of the hours of 9am-5:30pm so any enquiries outside of these hours may not be seen.
In an emergency please knock on the door of the main farm house, accessed from the courtyard opposite the washing up area.

Hot tub booking

If you wish to use the hot tub during your stay you will need to text us with the times you wish to use it on the above number. You can text us on the day of your arrival and during your stay but NOT before.

We are expecting the delivery of a new hot tub for use solely by guests of The Loft at some point during September. We cannot guarantee a date as we are aware there have been many delays to deliveries in recent months, but should this hot tub be here for your booking then you will be able to use it. If not you will still have access to the main hot tub which can be booked. The new hot tub will be found by turning left as you exit the Loft and then in the area to The Left of the Loft before going up the steps to the BBQ hut. We will also be installing fencing around this area to make it private, but due to access this cannot be done until after the ho tub is installed and so may not be done straight away upon installation of the hot tub.

Read more about our hot tubs, how to use them and the booking system here


Shower and toilets

The Loft has it’s own private bathroom located within the building that nobody else has access to during your stay

We will continue to provide our lovely Neals Yard Toiletries in each bathroom, and the outside of these will have been thoroughly disinfected before your arrival. We have chosen to use the larger bottles and re-fill them rather than to provide throw away small bottles in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create (plus they look really pretty in the blue bottles