The Mug Tug

Paint a pot at The Mug Tug...

The Mug Tug is a converted barge, which can be found moored at Barton Marina, just outside of The Apple Tree coffee shop. 

It is always a hit with our children when we take them to paint a pot, which we don’t do often enough.

Over the years we have been on many occasions and not only have we had so much fun whilst we have been there, we have also come away with some fantastic memories and keepsakes; from ‘Daddy’s breakfast plate’ (absolutely not to be used for eating breakfast off) to our family handprints plates, and more recently to our fairy pots and unicorn money boxes, the Mug Tug advertise as being suitable for ages 0-100 and this really is a hit with both the wee ones and the grown ups.

My most recent trip to The Mug Tug was a very impromptu visit after Niamh’s swimming lesson just around the corner. We decided to pop into the Butcher, Baker farm shop for some bits for dinner, and a bit of a walk around the lakes and boats with Niamh’s doll and pushchair, but as soon as she saw the brightly coloured barge things went a bit off track. We began a toddler meltdown fuelled by ‘I want now’. 

Now usually I do my best to stand my ground during these meltdowns but on this particular day I had already resolved to ‘do’ more things with Niamh so I caved pretty quickly and we soon found ourselves sat comfortably at a table with Disney songs playing (a particular detail that I definitely love more than Niamh at the moment, sorry to anyone else on the boat who has to listen to me singing along) and instructions being given to wash our pot thoroughly with a sponge to get the dust off. 

This was the day of the unicorn money box, but the choice of pots to paint is just huge. There really is something for everyone: A money box, dragons, dinosaurs, mugs, plates, family plaques, useful things like teabag holders and trinket boxes. If you go at Halloween paint a skull or a pumpkin, and if you go at Christmas try a Christmas themed pot. Great for gifts; Mother’s Day (hint hint Ted if you are reading this) Father’s Day, Nanny’s birthday or Grandad’s Christmas present. You can personalise your pot as a keepsake with handprints, finger prints and even footprints. See the photo of our family plates.

Not only do they offer day to day family/anyone sessions but what’s lovely is that The Mug Tug also offer adult only evenings and toddler painting sessions.

There are so many possibilities and reasons to paint a pot.

We have also just had a chat with Lesley, the owner of The Mug Tug and she is now offering ‘takeaway baskets’ with everything you need to paint a pot at your leisure off site. Meaning that we are now able to offer pot painting in the comfort of your accommodation here at the Retreat in Anslow. If you would like to paint a pot let us know and we will have your cute little basket ready and waiting for your arrival, then on your departure we will return your pot to The Mug Tug for glazing and firing and they will post it out to you once it is ready.

Niamh was very happy with her unicorn money box this day, I even managed to mostly keep her to a particular colour scheme (usually she just wants to layer up all of the colours) and it has remained a huge hit now it has come home.

We can’t wait to return the Mug Tug for more pot painting fun and we will absolutely be giving the takeaway baskets a try ourselves.