FAQs following the corona virus lockdown

We have received a lot of enquiries since we first opened following the lockdown earlier this year, and with a lot of people asking the same questions (let’s face it we’re all a bit confused as to what we can and can’t do at the moment) we thought it best to pop them in an easy to read blog post. So here goes:

  • Is the hot tub open?

When we first opened we did also open our hot tub, with strict rules that it was not to be shared between guests not in the same social bubble, and it could not be used if you had not previously booked it so that we could ensure the outside area was fully disinfected before the next guests used it. It has been shown that chlorine deactivates Covid-19 and as out hot tub is chlorinated the water itself has always been safe. When spas and swimming pools opened we relaxed the rules slightly to allow for additional bookings. You must still book to use the hot tub, where as this used to be able to be done via the booking board we still ask that you continue to message us with your time preferences and we will book you in, which allows us to monitor the bookings and keep on top of cleaning.

You can still see what times are available in the hot tub via the booking board in the shower building, you just cannot amend this yourself anymore.

As part of our Covid-secure measures we have also added a private wood-fired hot tub to Milne’s Corner yurt, which means fewer guests will have to share the main hot tub. This water in this hot tub is changed after every guest stay so you are met with fresh water, and we will light the hot tub at 3pm on the day of your arrival so that it is heating up nicely when you get here. If you are staying in Milne’s Corner you will then have to keep on top of the fire yourself, and monitor the water temperature, as this hot tub does not have a temperature cut off. Full instructions are in your yurt on arrival.

We can’t guarantee that this will not change, if the government bring back any of the restrictions. 

  • Do I have access to a fridge?

Yes, we used to have one tall shared fridge in the cooking cabin. We have kept this fridge, and added two more (slightly smaller) fridges, so that each yurt has it’s own fridge. The tall fridge belongs to Potter’s Lodge, as we tend to have larger bookings in this yurt, but each fridge is clearly labelled with which yurt it belongs to, so there is no need for sharing.

  • Can I use the cooking cabin?

Yes you can still use the cooking cabin. However we encouraging guests not to as this is a shared facility. To help you move away from the cooking cabin, we have purchased 3 campingaz portable gas stoves, and these are available for you to use in your yurt. If you would like one and it isn’t in your yurt on arrival then just let us know and we will drop one around to you. We have also purchased new fire trivets for you to use on your firepit. We still have the option of a portable BBQ or your woodburning stove- if it is cool enough to light the woodburner in your yurt (not really do-able on hot summer days)

  • Can I still use the BBQ hut?

Yes the BBQ hut is still available for use. We do not have a booking system for the BBQ hut so it is a first come first served facility. It is a large Finnish hut but we still ask that guests do not share it with other guests not from their social bubble. We have put plenty of cleaning materials around the place and ask that you help us to keep on top of keeping everywhere clean for other guests. We are popping round with he disinfectant as often as we can, but we do need your help to keep us all safe.

  • Are you still providing a breakfast hamper?

Yes we are still providing a breakfast hamper. This will be placed in your private fridge, either the night of your arrival or your first morning. As always the breakfast hamper is usually only enough for one day (although you could make it stretch) therefore you are welcome to purchase extras or bring your own if you are staying longer. Don;t forget to let us know with plenty of notice if you have special dietary requirements as we may not be able to cater to them at short notice.

  • Can we still book a massage?

Yes. You may be aware that we have an ongoing relationship with Helen from the Holistic Hideaway. Helen is an independent massage therapist who offers a variety of treatments to our guests. Although you can book a massage with us on our website when booking your accommodation, Helen does not work ‘for’ us, and therefore any time slots are subject to her availability. Helen recently started offering treatments again when beauty therapists were given the go ahead to start back post lockdown. There are still a few treatments she can’t offer, such as facials and Indian Head massage. To get more details please contact her on 07828622022.

  • Are local pubs open and can we take dogs?

A lot of our local pubs have resumed service, but we do recommend giving them a call first as many are working with reduced tables. We do also know of at least one pub that was dog friendly prior to lockdown but is currently not letting dogs in so it’s worth checking with them first. Don’t forget to read through our blog 10 places to eat locally where you can find our opinions on the pubs/restaurants as well as contact details and postcodes.

  • Can we have an earlier checkin than 4pm?

We have found that on days when we have all four accommodations to prepare this is taking us from the moment guests checkout at 10am right up until around 3-3:30pm with all of the extra cleaning and sanitising we are doing. Therefore it is unlikely we will be able to offer early checkin. However if we only have one or two accommodations to prepare then an early checkin may be possible. We do have to ask that you contact us on the day of you arrival around midday to find out what time your accommodation is likely to be prepared for.

  • I’ve tried to call but not got an answer.

For this we are very sorry. We have changeovers most days and unfortunately answering phone calls would make the changeover go a lot slower and we may not have the accommodation prepared for the arriving guests. Generally I am available to take your calls from 4:30pm-6pm. If you try us and can’t get through do send a text message with your name and details of your enquiry to 07725403070 and I will give you a call back as soon as I am free. Thank you so much for patience.