Springtime walks into Anslow

We walk into Anslow nearly everyday, whilst it can be a bit busy at certain times of the day (the obvious morning and evening rush) at other times it is a very quiet walk.

Even though we do it everyday we always find something new to talk about. Last week it was the new lambs we could see in the fields. A few weeks ago it was the buds on the trees starting to appear again. This week it’s the blackberry bushes.

Every year when the blackberries appear we take our Tupperware and go and fill it with as many as we can, Bell house Lane never lets us down but Hanbury road is often very fruitful (pun completely intended) as well. Quite often the blackberries don’t make it home, instead a few little mouths smothered in dark purple juice are in their place. Obviously the blackberries are not out yet but what we did spot was the promise of them. The hedgerows are covered in perfect little white flowers, with the occasional bumble bee visiting, to remind us that they will be ready to pick in a few months. My favourite way to enjoy them is in a crumble with loads of custard and some apples picked from the orchard; it doesn’t get much more country than that does it?