A day at the caravan and motorhome show

After a lovely 5 days spent near Hartington at Upper Hurst Farm campsite, in Bertie. We decided to take a last minute trip to the NEC to go and have a mooch around the caravan and motorhome show for some inspiration.

We loaded the kids into Florence, bundled Dan Dan into the drivers seat (he is always the nominated driver where possible as he is an HGV driver) and set to arguing about the best way to get there (Dan Dan is an HGV driver so always knows best).

I was intrigued to see the difference in size between caravans and motorhomes. Although we grew up with caravans as kids things have changed so much, and we sometimes take a car with us when we go away so is it not worth getting a caravan instead?

First of all I learnt that there are no caravans that even come close to competing with Bertie’s spacious interior. Second of all I learnt that a 6 berth motorhome can (and often does) only have 5 seatbelts; where is the logic?

Of course there is a reason for this and is to do with weight, but I’ll not bore you with the details of that.

All in all we came away realising that we have 2 fantastic motorhomes perfectly set up for 6 people to enjoy (and all be seatbelted in).

However that is not where this ends. We also came home with a crate of gorgeous wine, new fancy fire extinguishers for both Florence and Bertie, some magic knives, and a beautiful alpaca wool blanket. I am hoping to be able to purchase more of these in the future to keep all of our ‘glampers’ warm, whether in a motorhome or a yurt. Quite a productive day I would say.