Halloween at Peake's Retreats

We throughly enjoyed Halloween this year; due to our location (out in the sticks) we get absolutely no trick or treaters, and its very unlikely that we ever will, so to be completely honest we use this as an excuse not to do anything in terms of decoration for Halloween.

This year was different. Whilst we did not have any guests in the yurts (due to not being quite finished yet) we took it as an opportunity to have a bit of a play and actually make an effort for Halloween. It was a great excuse to take some photos of the site. So off we trotted with the kids down the lane to gather some autumnal type offerings from nature- bits of tree and berries etc. Stuff you usually have to beg the kids NOT to bring into the house.

A bit of Pumpkin carving and some Pinterest inspiration later and the yurts and kitchen were all decorated. We lit the wood burning stove in one of the yurts to give it a really cosy glow and that led to a bit of a play with dinner. Our homemade pumpkin (we had a lot of pumpkin flesh we didn't want to waste) Mac and cheese was cooked in the stove, and let me tell you it was delicious. 

Hopefully you are impressed with our pumpkin carving, and the pictures will give you a bit of an idea what to expect at Peake's Retreats for Halloween 2018.

For Halloween itself we took the kids into the village to see how much of a sugar high we could give them. If you are staying in the yurts with kids and want to do a bit of trick or treating, not only will our door be open for it but there are a few houses in Anslow village who prepare well for Halloween. We hope you all had a good Halloween and are well on your way to getting ready for the C word. We'll update you with our decorating soon. we are taking bookings for Christmas and New Year, so do contact us for prices and availability.