Nearly 2 months in and we're loving it.

We officially opened to guests on 3rd January 2018. We were really excited to do so and it couldn't come around fast enough. We got our planning permission in September 2016, but plans were halted whilst the landscaping was approved, so work didn't properly begin until spring 2017.

When we took our first guests it was a real mixture of nerves and excitement. Would they like it? Would the bed be comfy enough? Would they find it easy to use the woodburner? Would they like the breakfast box? What if our first review is a bad one? So many 'what ifs' were going through our minds. But as it turns out everything went swimmingly. Our first booking was a fairly last minute one and arrived on January 19th for 2 nights. They stayed in Milne's Corner and thoroughly enjoyed it.

2 weeks later we finally finished Potter's Lodge and the bookings started coming in for 2 yurts. Since our first booking we have now completed a total of 8 bookings, including our christmas facebook competition winner, and have taken a total of 28 bookings. We have our first mini-moon coming up and have already had several birthday stays. Of course we had Valentine's Day as well, and there were quite a few couples that took advantage of the cosy, romantic, relaxing atmosphere up at the Retreat during Valentine's week. The hot tub is proving really popular, and we have plans to install a sauna later in the year.

The guests we have had so far have all been amazing. We have met some lovely people, and dogs! Everyone has looked after our yurts so well and we have not a single bad word to say about our experience so far as hosts.

This blog post is to share with you some of the feedback we have received so far, I can't tell you how much it lifts our spirits every time a positive review comes through, and it just spurs us on to make the yurts even better for future guests, and hopefully some of them will be returning guests. 

So this is a big thank you to our first guests for making the experience such a positive one for us and providing some lovely feedback. We can't wait to see what the rest of our first year has in store for us.

Also don't forget if you have stayed with us and have provided us with some feedback you are entitled to 10% off your next stay with us, so give us a call to book.