Salten's Cooking Cabin

I thought I would use the blog to explain a bit about our site and how it works and why we have designed it the way it is.

Since we took our first booking on 19th January 2018 we have had so many more guests than I imagined and it has truly been fantastic. So first of all thank you to everyone who has stayed with us so far, has booked to stay with us in the future and who is considering booking.

We have asked all of our guests for feedback about the site, we really do want to get it right for you. As you have seen on our social media we have had some lovely online reviews, and we are grateful to you for taking the time out to post the reviews. We now have a guest book in Miln'es Corner, and one coming soon for Potter's Lodge, and we enjoy reading about your stay with us and what you have been getting up to.

There have been some great suggestions, some of which we have already planned to do and some of which we hadn't thought of but are now looking to implement;

  • Coat hooks by the hot tub
  • A box by the hot tub to put towels in if it is raining (or snowing)
  • A water cooler in the cooking cabin
  • Coat hooks in the yurts
  • Microwave in the cooking cabin

This leads me to our cooking cabin:

Salten's cooking cabin is a converted stable, with heating. It is fully equipped with an electric range cooker and plenty of cooking utensils. We have provided plastic glasses for use by both yurts if you wish to take drinks in the hot tub (glass is not permitted due to breakages). There is a farmhouse style rustic table with chunky benches and a large fridge, which contains your breakfast box and also a selection of cold soft drinks available to purchase using an honesty system. There are also some snacks which can also be purchased using the honesty system. Dan Dan's tree trunk shelves are in the corner and we have lit them up to really make a feature of them. We are using them for our little 'library', where you are welcome to borrow any of the books during your stay, and if you wish to keep one of them we ask you make a small donation so we are able to replace it, or swap it for a book you have finished reading.

The cooking cabin is designed to give you the feel of a log cabin, and was designed with the story of Bambi in mind. 

One of the suggestions which keeps cropping up is in relation to a sink in the cooking cabin. We couldn't agree more, a sink would be fantastic in the cooking cabin, however due to it's location it is not possible to run water to or from the cooking cabin at this point. Please note that we do have a washing up area with 2 full sized sinks just around the corner from the cabin at the back of the shower and toilet block. We do also think this adds to the 'camping' side of the experience. Whilst we have tried to make the yurts as luxurious and comfortable as possible we are still a 'campsite' and we hope that you think of all of our different areas as adding to your 'glamping' experience. We are currently looking into some hygiene wipes in the cabin so that you are able to keep your hands fresh when you are cooking. We will be adding a microwave very soon, and we are looking into a water cooler. 

So please do keep all of your suggestions coming, they are important to us we do take note of them all.