covid policy 2021

With the successful roll out of the vaccine in the UK we are hopeful that we will soon be given a date to announce our re-opening.

Some of you are already getting ahead and booking your summer stay, which is great; we are so excited to welcome our guests back.


Understandably a lot of people are reluctant to book at the moment as we don’t know what is going to happen in the future:

-will we remain in the tier system and therefore keep moving between the different tiers with their various rules?

-will the rule of 6 remain in place?

-will isolation still be a thing?


We just don’t know the answers to these questions.


As you are aware the hospitality industry has been really struggling over the last year, we seem to have taken one of the biggest hits in terms of closures, with funding from the government being either non-existent or very minimal. Therefore we are now in a position where we have to think about how to protect our business from further losses.


Of course we also need to think about how to look after our guests and do our best to make sure that you guys don’t end up out of pocket either.


We have already had to add a ‘Covid clause’ to our terms and conditions (which can be viewed on the website under the ‘yurts’ tab. This clause covers what will happen to your booking in the event of our closure due to restrictions or national lockdown, but we are aware that when we are permitted to open again there may still be changes that affect your booking and therefore the following policies will apply:


  • You may make any change to the date of your booking with no administration costs* up to 28 days before arrival.
  • If there are fewer than 28 days before your arrival we will try and re-sell your dates and if this can be achieved you may move your dates with no administration charges*. If this cannot be achieved the original booking will stand.
  • If we have received a full list of names and addresses of all party members within 24hours of the booking being made, and the booking cannot go ahead due a tier change or an isolation period we will move the dates of your booking with no administration charges* upon official proof of isolation, or after the relevant postcode has been checked on the government website.


What this means in more detail…


Rule of 6 and group bookings:


Each of our yurts sleeps up to 6 people therefore the rule of 6 will never be broken when staying with us. However the rule of six has also been known to state that the 6 people meeting must be from a maximum of two households.


If you have made a group booking that is for more than 2 households you will be able to move the date of your booking with no administration charges up to 28 days before arrival. If 28 days before your arrival there is a rule of 6 in place that means your booking could not go ahead, or there is a possibility of one being brought in, you may wish to consider moving your booking to ensure that you do not lose any money paid. To do this you will need to contact us by text message on 07725403070 at least 28 days before your arrival.


If your arrival date is less than 28 days away but you wish to move your booking due to a rule of 6, we will open up the dates and if we are able to re-sell them then we will move your booking with no administration charges. Unfortunately if we are NOT able to sell the dates we would not be able to move your booking, and our normal terms and conditions would apply.



We hope that the anticipated rise in ‘staycations’ will mean that there is a higher demand for dates and they would re-sell. In the past we have always managed to re-sell dates that have been opened up, however we cannot guarantee this.


What about if you move into a tier that restricts your movement?


First of all it is important to note that in the previous tier system (which is what we are basing these policies on) tiers 1-3 were still all able to travel. It was advised against but not prohibited. Based on this if the booking is for a single family/household exhibiting no symptoms, we would still expect the booking to go ahead with strict social distancing on arrival and during your stay with us. This is easily done onsite with plenty of distance between accommodations and a self-checkin system.


If you were moved into tier 4 we would move the booking with no administration charges*.


Please note that the postcode given at the time of your booking would be the postcode used to assess which tier you are in at the time of the arrival date.


If your booking is for more than one household you have the option to send us the names and addresses of all party members via email to


If we receive this email within 24hours of a booking being made we will take into consideration all postcodes given when looking at whether tier restrictions apply. Please note this is optional and you do not have to provide all guests names and addresses. Any given with be treated in accordance with our privacy policy. If we do not receive this email within 24 hours of a booking being created the postcode of the lead booker will be the only one used in assessing which tier you are in.


What if you or a member of your group tests positive for Covid-19 and has to isolate or has been in contact with someone who tested positive and has to isolate?


In the event that you test positive for Covid or have to isolate for another reason, we will move your booking with no administration charges* upon receiving proof of having to isolate.


This proof must include your name and be from an official body (school, doctor, council/other local authority/track and trace etc). Unfortunately, we will be unable to move any bookings whereby proof of isolation cannot be provided.


In order for all members of your group to be considered for the above policy on isolating we would require an email from the lead booker within 24 hours of the booking being created providing the full names of all members of the group. If any member named in the email has to isolate then the booking can be moved with no administration fees upon providing proof of isolation. These names will also be treated in accordance with our privacy policy.



I already have a group booking made before this policy was announced, what can I do?


If you have already made a group booking before we posted this policy and you wish to provide us with a list of names and/or addresses then please do get in touch as soon as possible and at least 28 days before your arrival. As long as we receive the list of names and addresses before the 28 day period we will apply these policies to your booking.



Why can we not move bookings without proof of isolation?


Our normal terms and conditions do not allow for penalty free last minute cancellations or changes to bookings because the closer we get to your arrival date the less likely we are to re-sell dates.

The moment you make a booking with us the dates you have booked get blocked out, meaning that nobody else is able to book them. There may be numerous other people looking to book your dates who are unable to and a last minute cancellation means we have lost out on those potential other guests, running the risk of our accommodation sitting empty and therefore not bringing any money in. By allowing guests to cancel simply by saying they are isolating means that even if a guest is not isolating all they have to do is say they are.

Whilst we hope that the majority of people are honest enough not to do this, unfortunately some are not and this leaves our business in a vulnerable position as it simply cannot survive with penalty free cancellations due to reasons that are no fault of our own.


We are very hopeful that the warmer months will find us in a slightly more positive situation where travel and holidays are concerned and we really can’t wait to open our doors again.


Thank you for all of your support through this pandemic.






*no administration charges will be added to your booking however you may see an increase/decrease in price depending on what dates you move your booking to.