We have tried to cover all of your questions throughout our website, but to make it easy here is a list of our most frequently asked questions along with a quick response to them. Please note that the information provided in this list will also form a part of your terms and conditions and any breaches to any rules mentioned may result in additional charges, or, in extreme cases, you being asked to leave the site, at which point no refund will be given.

Is the hot tub shared?

Currently Milne's corner and Beaumont's Hideawaybenefits from it's own private wood fired hot tub. As there is no electricity to it this hot tub does not have jets. 

you can read the hot tub rules here in our hot tub blog

We hope to introduce a hot tub to Potter’s Lodge in spring 2022

Does our yurt have it's own bathroom?

Yes! We made adjustments to our shower and toilet building in 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, by adding an extra shower room. This means that each yurt now has it's own shower and toilet facilities. Milne's Corner has 2 rooms 1 x shower room and 1 x toilet, Beaumont's Hideaway has 1 bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, and Potter's Lodge also has it's own bathroom the same as Beaumont's Hideaway.

How far away is our bathroom from the yurt?

We get asked this a lot and so I timed the walk from the shower and toilet building (located near our car park) to Milne's Corner which along with Beaumont's Hideaway is the furthest point in the glamping field from the shower building. The walk took me 1 minute and 33 seconds at a relaxed pace.

What are the cooking arrangements?

We have lot's of cooking options onsite, from our shared cooking cabin and BBQ hut to your own private fire pit and woodburning stove. Read in more detail about them in our blog
e are also very pleased to announce the opening of new takeaway cafe ‘The Hash House’ which will be operating from a building in our car park. Whilst The Hadh House is not run by Peake’s Retreats it is  fantastic addition for our guests to take advantage of and will be serving breakfasts such as bacon baps, sausage baps, salmon bagels, avocado toast and more. As well as evening meals such as pizzas, chips, gourmet hotdogs and speciality burgers. 

s there a microwave?

No, neither The Loft or the yurts has a microwave

Does my yurt have electricity?

No, in order to give that authentic 'offgrid' feel to your stay our yurts do not have electricity, and this is something that will never change. We provide battery operated and solar fairy lights as well as a few tea lights to get you started. You are welcome to bring your own candles, but we do ask that you always place them in a suitable candle holder and not directly onto furniture, and of course do not leave them lit when you go our or they are otherwise unattended.

Can I charge my phone?

Yes, we do have power in the cooking cabin, and in here you can find our 3 charging lockers. You will need a padlock for these. They are only suitable for phones and small tablets so if you are bringing a larger device you may wish to bring a portable charger and ensure it is fully charged before leaving home. You can either borrow a padlock from us (we require a returnable £10 deposit for this) or bring your own. Most of our guests choose to charge their phones in the cooking cabin using one of the power outlets whilst they are onsite which we do not mind at all, but we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to items left unattended like this.

Is there wifi?

The Loft has wifi and you will find the code in your welcome book. The yurts do not. Most people do manage to find good 3G and 4G coverage.

Can I have visitors onsite?

As a small intimate site we do try and keep our numbers down for the enjoyment of other guests, if you have an entire site booking we do allow additional day guests for a charge of £5 per person. This additional charge goes to cover the additional parking, cleaning, use of utilities and wear and tear. If you have not booked the entire site we do allow a small number of visitors however this must be pre-arranged. The same charge applies but numbers will be limited per booking to 4 visitors or 1 family if larger than 4. All Day visitors may visit between the hours of 10am and 9pm. Additional dogs will be charged at £10 per dog.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we are very dog friendly at Peake's Retreats and offer onsite dog grooming, daycare and dog walking as optional extras. we do require a £30 dog fee per accommodation, this covers up to 3 dogs, which goes towards extra housekeeping hours at the end of your stay to ensure we gather up all doggy hair and any lingering smells, and provide a pleasant greeting for the next guests. Our dog fee covers anything that would be considered 'usual' with having a dog, such as minor paw prints, hair and smells. It does not cover urinating in, chewing or excessive dirt being brought into the accommodation, all of which will incur additional charges at the end of your stay. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and must not be left in your accommodation unattended, whether in a crate or not.

We ask that you keep your dogs on a lead at ALL times even if you have an entire site booking. We have tried to be lenient with this rule however we have recently found a lot of dog faeces that hasn't been picked up around the field and as children play in this field we cannot allow for this to happen.

Do you provide bedding and towels?

Yes and No. We provide all necessary bedding as well as a few throws and blankets. In winter you may wish to bring more blankets. Although the wold burners do keep the yurts perfectly warm you may find that keeping the woodburner going all night can be a challenge and so you may need a few extra layers for the first 20 minutes in the morning while you get your woodturner lit again.

It is with much regret that we must inform you of a change to our standard bookings and the provision of guest towels.

As part of a booking with us we have always provided 1 x white hand towel and 1 x white bath towel per guest.

Unfortunately we have had a huge increase in soiled and damaged towels recently, and although we have been regularly replacing them, we have not very often received compensation for the towels. It is not part of our pricing structure to replace towels with each booking and therefore something that is not financially viable for us moving forward.

With this in mind we will NOT be providing towels as standard with your booking.  We can still provide a towel bundle for you which you will be able to collect on arrival in exchange for a £5 per person cash deposit, which will be returned upon you returning the towels to us. This will mean physically returning the towels in a good condition and not leaving them in the yurt or bathroom. Any towels not returned will then be invoiced for at £10.50 per hand towel and £15.50 per bath towel minus the deposit already left.

You are of course welcome to bring your own towels instead of using ours.

We hope this is a fair compromise and will help us to look after our lovely fluffy towels whilst also providing you with that little touch of luxury during your stay

Do you provide logs?

Yes we provide logs as part of your booking. We will provide you with 1 x apple crate of logs along with a bucket of kindling, jar of firelighters and a box of matches. The amount we provide is generally enough for at least 1 night of heat from your woodburner if you require more you may purchase from us at a cost of £10 per crate of logs, £4.50 per bucket of kindling and £3 per jar of firelighters. Please do not bring your own logs. Our logs are well seasoned and suitable for use on our woodburners, unseasoned logs can cause a build up in the woodburner and the flue which can be dangerous.
We will also provide 1 crate of logs for each night of your stay to use on your hot tub if you have booked Milne's Corner and for any bookings made after 13/9/2021 for Beaumont's Hideaway. Please note that for bookings made before this date in Beaumont's Hideaway we will empty clean and fill the hot tub for your stay and get it lit before you arrive but any additional logs will need to be purchased at the above prices.

Do you provide charcoal?

Charcoal is available to purchase onsite at £3.50 per 1.25kg instantlite bag, but it is not included in your stay. You are welcome to bring your own to use on our BBQs but please do NOT bring disposable BBQs we find that they damage the decking and the grass 

Do you provide pots and and plates?

Yes. You can find a full list of what we do and don't provide here

What time is checkin and checkout?

Checkin is from 4pm. You will receive full details on checkin 4 days prior to your arrival by email, so please do check your junk mail. We operate self checkin so please do read through thoroughly and ask us prior to the arrival date if there is anything you are unsure about as we may not be around when you check in.

For the enjoyment of other guests we have recently made the decision to close checkin at 10pm. If you arrive later than this you will not be able to gain access to your accommodation until the following day. This is due to a spate of unreasonably late arrivals (past midnight) where guests have turned up after a celebration and caused disturbances to other guests. If you will be attending an event in the evening we suggest to checkin at usual time before then going onto to your celebration that way you will already have your key and be familiar with where to go.

In the event of a late arrival and you being unable to access your accommodation NO refund will be given.

Checkout is strictly by 10am. Our housekeepers begin at this time and not only does it cost us money for them to stand around waiting it also causes a sense of awkwardness for both them and you. Any departure after 10am that is not pre-arranged will be invoiced at £50 

For checkout we ask that you make sure all washing up is done and returned to your yurt, any grills that have been used are cleaned and rubbish is placed in the bins provided either by the cooking cabin or in the green 'Wilshees' bin in the car park. We do not require that you strip the beds but we really appreciate if you do.